At Bidford Motor Company we believe you cannot put a price on Peace of Mind so henceforth we offer various warranty schemes to protect your investment going forward.We use a company called Evolution Warranties.They assist you as follows:

Without a warranty in place,you could be facing hefty garage bills should something unexpectedly go wrong.With thousands of parts covered,a fantastic range of benefits and our friendly,helpful team on hand to assist whenever you need us,you can relax knowing your vehicle is in safe hands.

We'll pay towards the cost of repairs including parts,labour and VAT up to your individual claim limit.

On top of the excellent coverage your warranty provides,you also get the following features.Please note these must be authorised by evolution warranties in advance.

Car Hire(Providing the fault is covered and repair time is over 8 hours,we'll pay for up to 7 days of car hire(starting from when the repairs commence) up to £50 per day inc VAT as part of your claim limit.Excludes fuel & insurance.

Vehicle Recover(We'll pay for the cost of recovering the vehicle to the nearest garage up to £75,on covered repairs,inc VAT as part of your claim limit.You will need to arrange recovery.

European Cover(Your plan includes 30 days of European cover.The claim process remains the same.Reimbursement will be based on the currency exchange rates on the due date that the claim is agreed.Dates of travel may be required to support your claim.

Overnight Accomodation(If your vehicle is rendered immobile,we'll also pay for overnight accomodation or rail fare,up to £60 inc VAT,as part of your claim limit.Receipts will be required.Drinks & Meals are specifically excluded.

Breakdown & Recovery inc Homestart included as part of your package for the length of the warranty term only.

FREE MOT TEST FOR LIFE INC(excludes any repairs).

12 MONTHS FOR JUST £199 plus VAT

24 MONTHS FOR JUST £299 plus VAT